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The Veranda Collection is a family owned business dedicated to distributing an extensive line of indoor and outdoor furniture for a wide variety of settings. Each of our pieces is characterized by high quality materials and trend setting designs. Our company focuses on projects of all sizes, specifically targeting the hospitality industry in South Florida, Central America, and the Caribbean. We can also manufacture custom lines within unbeatable turnaround times. Wholesale prices are available for large projects and for stores interested in our product lines.


Our Goals


Our goal is to offer unique, long lasting product lines to our customers, while providing the best possible customer service. We want to gain our customer’s trust and create long lasting relationships by being open to collaboration in every aspect. We believe that providing the best possible service will be rewarding to our company in multiple ways and will help our company grow into one of South Florida’s top contenders.

Origin & Roots


Our crafting and manufacturing facility was founded in 1983 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Through the past decades it has been fully devoted to developing innovative design techniques, which combined with our highly qualified Honduran craftsmanship and one hundred percent natural materials, have become the perfect formula for the success of our one of a kind pieces. The most important aspect of our business involves our commitment to working only with natural materials that have been cultivated through programs dedicated to protect our environment, such as the programs certified by the Rainforest Alliance. We pride ourselves in running an operation that contributes to keeping our planet as healthy as possible.

Target Market


Our one of a kind product lines will appeal to the individual wishing to furnish their home and to key players in the hospitality and tourism industry seeking to furnish their lobbies, hotel rooms, and exterior spaces. Our unique designs, customization alternatives, extended warranty, and prompt delivery will indeed set us apart from other retailers in the marketplace.

Why choose us?


We will offer a wide variety of customized products to our clients. They will have the option of selecting colors, fabrics, different materials, and even create their own designs. The Veranda Collection understands the importance of deadlines and commitments. Our efficient and streamlined process will allow us to deliver our client’s orders within a six-to-eight week period. Our products are 100% natural, therefore minimizing our carbon footprint. Our goal is to contribute in every way possible to the protection of our environment.