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A Dnipro Apartment That Focuses on the Kids Without Compromising Design

SVOYA studio were asked to design an apartment for a family in Dnipro, Ukraine, that didn’t forget the children or style. With 135-square-meters to work with, they made the decision to reduce the main living space to give more room for the children’s area. That resulted in a...

Xavier Loránd blends coffee waste and concrete for Nero furniture

The brown, grainy tops of this stool and table are made from used coffee grounds that designer Xavier Loránd sourced from cafes near his Mexico City studio. Presented at this year’s Design Week Mexico, the Nero side table and stool are the result of a series of material...

Give Your Neighbors the Creeps With Oversized Spider Halloween Decor

The eight-legged creatures are now larger than life! People with arachnophobia, beware! This outdoor decor idea is going to give you the creeps. Giant spiders are taking over homes for Halloween—the fake ones, at least. Arachnids have long been eight-legged emblems of the eerie...

Bernhardt Design Introduces Halo Chair Designed by Brogliato Traverso

Bernhardt Design has unveiled Halo, designed by Italian design virtuosos, BrogliatoTraverso. Created with the concept of ‘elegant minimalism’ in mind, this new chair is both beautiful in form, and functional through thoughtful engineering. “Unlike minimalism,...

4 Easy Decor Updates for a Fall Patio

Cooler temperatures and bright fall foliage are well on their way, but that’s no reason to pack up your outdoor space. We see autumn as an opportunity to mix-up your patio and porch décor and try trending colors, styles, and textures – all around the warm comfort of a fire pit or...

Studio Adjective devises easy-to-assemble stool for Ishinomaki Laboratory

Hong Kong-based Studio Adjective has designed a minimal and lightweight three-legged stool for furniture brand Ishinomaki Laboratory in Japan. Founded in 2011 as a public workshop for the local community devastated by the tsunami, Ishinomaki Laboratory is known for producing...

Vonnegut/Kraft & ‘Slow and Steady Wins the Race’ Designed ‘Dépaysement’

Brooklyn-based designers Vonnegut/Kraft worked in partnership with Slow and Steady Wins the Race on the new Dépaysement furniture collection. The new range boasts a minimalist design and highlights the product’s upholstery. The designers created the fabric materials using...

Wewood Launches New Desk Inspired by the City of Porto

Designed by Christophe de Sousa for Wewood and inspired by the city of Porto, the only city in Europe with 6 bridges, Bridge desk features smooth, rounded surfaces and an overall minimalist aesthetic. It is made from oak or walnut with copper metal arcs that span the legs, much...

Harfagar House: Cantilevered Chilean Residence in Steel and Wood

A cantilevered house brings with it a unique set of advantages that homes on raised platforms just cannot offer. For starters, you have a façade that is quite stunning and instantly grabs the attention of anyone walking past the home. Then there is the benefit of finding parking...

Contract Products Embrace Circular Shapes

Furnishings and textiles center on the rounded shape. Giotto acoustic panels in polyester, steel wire, and plated steel by Snowsound. Ozone Trevira CS-polyester by Camira. Kutee stools with laminate tablet in painted steel and Kvadrat’s Divina wool in hunter green, heathered...